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TakingPixels Digital Photography Tips - Beginning Photograpy

Beginning Photography with Tips and Guide

This is the place for people beginning their photography journey. Learn useful tips to improve your shots without the need to buy a new camera.

Remember to read my tutorials for some beginning photography tips and don't miss out some of the free photo editing software that I use.



How to shoot better photos in 5 minutes.

playgroundIf you're like any other camera owners out there who thought that your photos aren't great because your camera is not good enough, think again!

Good photos aren't about good cameras. I will share some quick tips that will improve your photos within 5 minutes! With some practice, you will be taking great photos naturally.

Let's start shooting

How to choose a good camera for beginners

compact cameraAre you overwhelmed by the multitude of information regarding features, functions and all the technical jargon that's being thrown at you to make you buy a camera and finally after buying it, you find that the digital camera doesn't perform as well as it claims?

Fret not! This is where this guide I've pieced together will be helpful. Other than choosing a beginner's compact digital camera, also known as "point and shoots", based on looks, you can now make a more informed choice to buy a compact digital camera that performs better than the others!

Show me the features!

5 Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Photography

We cannot command nature except by obeying her.” Francis Bacon

Whether you’re taking a picture of a geranium in your backyard garden or a grizzly bear in the Rocky Mountains, capturing a great photo outdoors means working with Mother Nature, and not trying to impose your photographic will upon her.

So many factors come into play when taking a nature photograph … sun, clouds, wind, rain, sleet or snow … and if you’re photographing animals in their native habitat, you’ve got noise, odors, and movement to deal with.

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